Amanda Franklin MA., LPC Associate, C-SAT-C


*Current Limited Evening and Weekend Availability*


When someone we care for is struggling with addiction (drugs/alcohol, sex, food, etc.), it can become a very unclear path. Pain, guilt, confusion, loss of trust and communication, all create drastic changes in relationships which can leave us feeling hopeless, fearful and defeated. Asking for guidance is a sign of strength, not weakness or failure, which ideally brings understanding to all involved. Often multiple addictions co-exist and each require their own unique understanding and process of recovery.

For over a decade, I have helped individuals who have a loved one impacted by addiction and/or mental health issues. I am extensively trained in addictions, family recovery, partner recovery, family systems and sex addiction (incl. pornography). Often the loved ones needs are overlooked as the disease of addiction slowly engulfs the lives of the family.

Learning how to love ourselves, while loving them, is a delicate balance of compassion, awareness, boundaries, and growth. This can feel overwhelming and isolating, and there is zero reason to wade through this alone. Empathy, experience, safety, and privacy is the cornerstone of our relationship, as you find a place to also heal. Additionally, as a LPC Associate, I am under the supervision of Emilee Aschenbrenner MS., LPC-Supervisor. 

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